Our Love Song Is Ending, And That’s Okay


The melody has come to a close. The last beats of the song have come to an end. We are in the final seconds of the song where you can hear the sound of the music in the background but it’s too quiet for you to sing along.

You know the song is about to finish, and you feel the beginning of a new song approaching. There’s an excitement, a sense of curiosity, as you wonder what song could be next. But you aren’t ready for this song to end. You love this song. This song has been your favourite for weeks, months, maybe years. You have grown accustomed to listening to the same song over and over. It’s familiar. It’s beautiful.

You’ve whispered the same words of the song over and over. Sang them as loud as you can in your car. The music has filled the silence of the room on countless nights, and brought you comfort during your worst times.

We thought our love song would play forever. But somewhere along the line, the lyrics lost their meaning and the song changed.

We continuously tried to replay the song. Trying to mimic the notes in hopes that it would sound the same again, but it never did. Trying to find that perfect melody, the one that used to sound so beautiful, the one that used to make sense, but we never could. We tried to replicate the rhythm we once had, but it was lost, so we held onto the song, held on to its brokenness, held onto the comfort it provided us with its familiarity.

But now it’s time for us to let it go.
Our love song is ending, and that’s okay.

Our love song was beautiful. Filled with passion and love and beauty. It had everything a love song should have. A beginning, a middle, and now, an end.

Every song must end, but that is no reason not to enjoy the music.