We’re Not In Kansas Anymore: 12 Kinds Of Relationships That Didn’t Exist For Us


With Miley Cyrus’s announcement that she now considers herself Pansexual and the internet’s collective ??? I thought I’d go ahead and put together all the different kinds of sexuality people identify with these days outside of the big three, hetero, homo, and bi. Let’s start with Demisexuals.

1. Demisexual: Demisexuals only want to have sex with people they’ve formed a meaningful emotional attachment to. Tinder must be like kryptonite to them.

2. Asexual: Asexual people just really aren’t into sex. It’s not that they’ve decided to never have sex it’s just that they don’t care and probably never will. They may prefer the romantic aspects of relationships without any of the sex.

3. Biromantic: They love doing date-like things with anyone of either sex but they may draw the line at actual kissing and definitely draw the line at sex. They’re deeply into hugs and note writing and things like that.

4. Aromantic: Sex is fine but these peeps just say no to relationships.

5. Heteromantic: Similar to biromantic except cis-gendered. Like biromantics they’re into the romance aspect of relationships but not the physical ones.

6. Pansexuals: Open to sex with genetic men or women, transexuals or bisexuals or literally anyone of any orientation or gender identifying group. Literally all of everyone.

7. Lithromantic: This type of person is totally cool with being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t reciprocate their feelings. In fact, they prefer it.

8. Semisexual: They like sex and maybe even want to have it sometimes but they’re into the idea enough to actually go through with the act.

9. Akoiromantic: Somewhat similar to a Lithromantic, the Akoiromantic feels romantic attraction to others but never acts on it.

10. Grayromantic: The shoulder shrugger of the group, the Grayromantic is hardly ever attracted to anyone at all.

11. Graysexuals: Same deal as the above except in regards to sex. This guy or girl hardly ever wants to have sex with anyone they meet.

12. Homoromantic: This person may be interested in a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex but that doesn’t expand to the sexual sphere. Hand holding and Netflix binges/snuggles are enough.