People Are Pissed Because There’s An Interracial Couple In This Old Navy Ad


The other day, Old Navy literally posted one of the most harmless tweets you could ever expect to see:

They were announcing a f*cking sale! Like this is a good thing! Right? Right??

But do you see the problem in this ad? (there isn’t one)

Because some people have a problem…

A very race-driven problem. Because they are racists.

These supremacists believe that interracial marriages are bad, because they result in a child of a mixed lineage. These folks believe that is terrible, because they believe it reduces the number of white people and creates #WhiteGenocide.

Which, of course, is absolute bullshit.

But there are a lot of these people out there. Look at some of these ignorant tweets, getting 100, 200, 300 likes and retweets.

To their credit, Old Navy tried to handle the shitshow the best they could.

But there is absolutely no reasoning with these people.

If the almighty dollar has anything to say about it, however, Old Navy might be coming out ahead:

Old Navy: 1

Racists: 0

While the internet has brought us together, leading to more acceptance and compassion, it has also enabled hate groups and ignorance to fester. If there is a lesson here, besides a frustrating social media squabble, it is that the quest for equality, acceptance, and love is far from over, and that the forces of ignorance still persist.

Hopefully our children won’t say the same.