People Can’t Decide If This Shoe Is Pink And White Or Grey And Teal And It’s Like ‘The Dress’ All Over Again


If you don’t remember what “the dress” is (and don’t know exactly what I mean when I say “the dress”), where even were you during the entirety of 2015? Can you even comprehend how divided the entire world was over a single article of clothing? I don’t think so.

But if you do remember it, we have another optical illusion that’s going to fuck up your life and ruin all your relationships just like that demonic dress did in 2015.

Meet the shoe.

People on Twitter can’t seem to agree if the shoe is pink and white (which it CLEARLY is) or grey and mint green. And it’s already started up the Great Existential Crisis of 2017.

Does this change your perspective at all?

But the myth may have already been debunked by this Twitter user, who played with the lighting and managed to reveal the shoes true sole (don’t worry I’m letting myself out now).

It’s pink and white, okay? Stop questioning it.