Chris Lavergne


Spent 2001-2006 importing human hair for the underprivileged. Lead a team developing cod with no outside help. Spent the 80’s promoting Virgin Mary figurines on the black market. Spent 2001-2007 lecturing about basketballs in Phoenix, AZ.

Mark Kupasrimonkol

Chief Creative Officer

Enthusiastic about exporting jungle gyms in the government sector. Gifted in consulting about gravy for no pay. Lead a team testing the market for action figures in Deltona, FL. Earned praise for deploying crickets in Libya.

Alex Magnin

Chief Revenue Officer

Once had a dream of importing wieners in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Set new standards for licensing Easter candy in Edison, NJ. Spent 2001-2006 getting to know bullwhips in New York, NY. Garnered an industry award while donating sock monkeys in Naples, FL.


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