Pictures Of Romney Supporters Before And After Election Results


Yesterday I happened upon White People Mourning Romney, a recently created Tumblr that quickly made its way into the blogging cycle, getting covered at places from Slate to The Daily Mail. I’m having trouble deciding what I think of the Tumblr — it’s obviously mockery, which I don’t think is cool, but the pictures themselves are mostly sad, and fascinating. When I came to this picture

I sort of stopped scrolling and I think was able to feel what that woman was feeling — awkward for being on the losing team at a party full of losers, sad because she wasn’t winning, defeated because… she was getting defeated, helpless. These feelings happened in a mental place where my political inclinations did not factor.

The person who took these pictures is Otis Ike, at the Romney Headquarters in Houston, Texas, on the night of the election. I spent some time on his website last night, scrolling through his photography of the event. It’s pretty interesting. I’ve chosen a few that I think highlight some unique element of being human, politics aside. Head over to Otis’ website to see the full set.

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