Please, Can We Talk About More Worrisome Issues Than F*ckboys And Their Zodiac Signs?


Lo and behold, just your generic 26 things that are more concerning than the size of a man’s privates:

1. We should worry that the Internet is destroying our ability to properly read books, document papers and stay focused on one single task at a time.

2. We should worry that we are losing touch with our spirit by glorifying new age concepts we don’t quite understand, workaholism, self-medication and social media.

3. We should worry that marriage as an institution is being replaced in capitalism by too much coupling and too little thoughtful procreation.

4. We should worry about genital mutilation.

5. We should worry about not finding the efficient cure for mental disease.

6. We should worry about losing democracy.

7. We should worry about the domination of several capitalist states where law and order are instilled by criminals, where corruption is the only plausible currency.

8. We should be worried about eating up the Planet’s resources to extinction.

9. We should be very worried about the mental, physical and social health of women in suppressed countries.

10. We should worry how due to modern communication more and more often expressed through social media and less by direct human contact relationships between individuals have to suffer from a precipitated form of Stockholm Syndrome that grows proportionally with the amount of power Internet gives people. It’s like bombing from behind the computer screen into another’s life.

11. We should worry that pseudoscience is gaining high ground.

12. We should worry about the downfall of realistic science coverage in the media.

13. We should worry about the future of newspapers and print at large.

14. We should worry how search engines will become the barometers of truth.

15. We should worry about politics and how it’s reshaping the future of humanity, climate and war.

16. We should worry about the rape crimes and the brutality of sexual assaults that leave their victims unspoken sometimes until the day they die.

17. We should worry about entire branches of professions being wiped off from the world as a result of automation.

18. We should worry about perpetuating taboos and isolating traditions into the lives of our children and their children as well.

19. We should be worried about ecosystems vanishing from the face of the Earth due to exploitation, pollution and economic measures.

20. We should worry about cultural extinction and the loss of demographic history.

21. We should worry that the world is denying access to education to far too many young people.

22. We should worry that biology will spiral out of our control.

23. We should worry about terrorism and how it’s actually happening, even if not yet in our premises.

24. We should worry about the loss of intellectualism and scholars in the public systems.

25. We should worry that we’re becoming considerably more brainwashed by the media.

26. We should worry about losing our freedom of choice.