Please Don’t Be Afraid To Roll The Dice


No matter how you play it, I hope you always roll the dice.

What I’ve learned is that people are different. We are a sum of our past experiences, but those experiences do not define who we are or who we could be. We have to make the conscious decision every day to be the person we want to be. And sometimes our past gets caught up with our present. Sometimes we go down the familiar route instead of a new one purely based on survival instincts. But I’m tired of just trying to survive.

Do things that scare you. Go after the things you truly want. Mess up a few times. Learn from the things you’ve done wrong. Chase that dream that you’ve always had. Don’t be afraid to be wrong.

Do the new thing that you’ve never done but really want to. Grow with the people you love. Take a chance on people that can make you happy. Pay attention to what and who makes you feel good and what lifts you up.

Gain different and new perspectives. Let love in—all the way in. Show up for the ones you care about. Have the courage to prioritize your happiness and yourself. Gracefully walk away from things that no longer add value to your life simply because it drags you down. And please, tell people how you really feel. Not only because they deserve it, but because you deserve it too.

If I have learned anything at all from my successes and failures, it is that you have to roll the dice. No one gets a say in how things will land, but gather enough courage to do it anyway. Things are never going to be 100% certain. Sometimes you get as close as you can, and you roll the dice. That’s all you can do.