Please Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of Your Dreams


Please don’t talk yourself out of your dreams.

You know what I mean.

An idea sweeps into your mind, inspiration strikes, and a seed of possibility starts to take bloom, and then  — BOOM — doubt starts to take root.

And then doubt gives way to fear, and fear is the beginning of the road that you take back to your hiding place.

You hide your hopes.

You hide your thoughts.

You hide the dreams that you have spun in your mind,  and you don’t let yourself even begin to try to live them out. You don’t dare to allow the sparkle of your imagination dance in the world around you. You douse the flames of your excitement before they ever get the chance to burn bright.

You sweep them under the rug and whisper them into the darkness of the night so that they’ll disappear amongst the blanket of stars.

Please stop doing that.

Please don’t talk yourself out of your dreams.

Your ideas are there for a reason. Maybe they’re tiny reminders of what’s pressing upon your mind and your heart. Perhaps they’re the manifestation of feelings that you have suppressed that are finally rising to the surface. Maybe they’re a sign from the universe that the world needs you to try to live out the magic that’s living inside your head.


And while the truth of it is that you and I will never know if it truly is a sign from the universe, you’ll never know what may come of those dreams unless you act on them.

It sounds cliché, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but you’ll never know what’s possible until you permit yourself to try.

You’ll never know what you’re made of until you try, and then fail, and then fail again, and try again after that.

You’ll never know when it’s time to change gears or shift focus or abandon things altogether if you never try them in the first place.

Let yourself find a way to make your dreams a reality.

Permit yourself to dance with the possibility of the unexpected.

Stop trying to predict what will come of the things that light your heart on fire and let yourself discover the potential in all your possibility instead.