Please Don’t Tell Me To Just ‘Snap Out Of It’


Photos of bright smiling faces, beautiful views from all over the world, vivid colored dinners, happy looking couples. Photos that are daily posted on social media. It shows us the perfect part of our lives, the #lifegoals, #relationshipgoals, #foodporn, and #goodlife we commented on those picture perfect photos. We tried to highlight these moments to shadow the less glamorous days. We tried to hold on to the better days and tried to get rid of those ugly ones. Unfortunately, we can’t just get rid of it. It doesn’t mean others have no worries, fears, problems, and insecurities, just because they show us only the good part of their lives. And I get it, sharing positive messages and photos makes everyone feel better and is the most logical thing to not share your deepest fears with everyone from all over the internet.

As our better days looks more important, the fewer moments of us weighs likewise the same amount of importance, as it is the roots of our personal development.

We can’t rush out through these “bad” moments. We tend to because we want to fill our life with only positive things. We love laughter and detest crying. Most of us feel ashamed when they feel an urge to cry. Don’t be. It’s in our nature to feel touched, to feel sad, to feel overwhelmed at times just like that we feel overpowered, on top of the world, fearless at other times.

Have you ever got this reply when you finally had the courage to tell those who you trust your worries?

“Sorry, but others have problems too. So you just need to ‘snap out’ of it.”

Excuse me?

I don’t and will not “snap out” of it. When someone is physically sick and not feeling well, you can’t say that either. It takes nurturing and time to feel better again. I don’t need to restrain my negative feelings because lots of others may have it worse than me. That means I can’t be genuinely happy, just because I believe lots of others have it better than me.

As our brightest days may dominate on our wish list, the darkest days may give us life lessons and guidance.

We should highlight, share and be proud of our moments that put a smile on our face. However, we shouldn’t ignore, feel ashamed and snap out of the moments which gave us discomfort and anxiety, thus, missing our chance to grow in life.

Don’t ever tell me or others to snap out of it. Think before you give this unthoughtful piece of crap “advice.”