Please Forgive Me When I Break Your Heart


The great and terrible truth of life is that the inevitability of causing pain to someone else during your time here is absolute.
The burden of hurting another person will rest heavy on your shoulders at one point or another. There is no running from it.
You will hurt people.
You will break their hearts.
You could be the reason someone hugs their knees to their chest and sobs into the silence at night.
It’s not that the whole human race is comprised of soulless monsters, even the people who care the most will do something that needs to be forgiven.
We hurt people because life is made up of choices, and with every choice is a possibility that someone will be hurt by the outcome.
And it’s often the people we loved most that we cause the most pain.
After all, bullets find their targets much more easily when the target is in close range.
As long as you’re pulling the trigger, someone will get shot, even if by accident.
All you can do is try and minimize the damage,
Pray that this pain makes them tougher, harder. Hope that it doesn’t break them.
You will be the one to slip a knife into someone during this lifetime, just try and do it as gently as possible.