Please, Please, Make This Harry Potter ‘Straight Outta Hogwarts’ Rap Video Go Viral


Sometimes, something will enter your life at exactly the right time.

♬ “Straight outta Hogwarts! Crazy motherfucka named Potter, from the gang of wizards that slaughter!” ♬

And you didn’t even know that you needed it.

♬ “Hey boy if you fuck with me, the Ministry is gonna have to get me!” ♬

Until you see it.

♬ “Off my broom! A nimbus 2000! Fly by to the haterz that clownin’!” ♬

This Harry Potter rap video is exactly that.

♬ “Draco’s gonna act up, he’s gonna get smacked up, he’s gonna call his daddy if he’s lookin’ for some back-up!” ♬

Never in my life would I have imagined I needed it.

♬ “I’m a giant motherfucka and you know this! I had a dragon in my house and no-one ever noticed!” ♬

But I don’t think I could go on without it.

♬ “But I don’t give a fuck! I’m a magical beaste! Pulling out the umbrella, leaving wizards deceased!” ♬

See for yourself below: