Please Stop Breaking His Heart


Please stop breaking his heart while you talk about your ex.

Stop telling stories on how your ex took care of you while you were still together. He’s not supposed to know about that. He wants to care for you on his own terms, not the same way your ex cared for you when you were still together.

Please stop comparing him to your past.

No one wants to be compared. By doing that, you are not giving him a chance to be his self around you. He is not your previous love. He is there with you right now because he’s taking the chance to be the one for you.

Stop taking that chance away from him.

He wants to be the right one for you despite of everything that’s going on about you. You do not have the rights to break his heart even though he had offered – given – it to you. You cannot have the rights to break his heart this way when you yourself already accepted it. It doesn’t matter if it’s just because you’re lonely and you miss someone taking care of you or because he shoved it on you. You accepted it. It is your responsibility. You cannot continuously break his heart after promising him that you will take care of him.

Stop selfishly taking up everything you can get from him; stop thinking that you can get what you want from him without exhausting him.

Maybe waiting is really a sign of true love but, it isn’t true if you aren’t making it true. The hope that you are giving him is turning to be poisonous, killing him slowly with your soft touches and sweet smiles.

Please stop because you might kill him.

A person’s heart isn’t a toy that you can play and just toss around when you’re done. Make up your own mind.

Stop searching for your past in his eyes.

He will not hug you like your ex, he will not tell you to message him when you’re home, and he will not give you flowers on your monthsaries and anniversaries. Do not easily expect those things from him because he is a surprise. He is new. He won’t be the same. He will love you in new, and even more beautiful ways.

So please, stop breaking his heart by searching someone who is not there.

Your past has left you already, broke your heart, and made you cry. But that doesn’t mean you can create your own world where your heart can feed the illusion of your past by trying to turn someone to another, just for you to crave more for your past and tossing his feelings aside. You might think that it’s easy for him to be what you want him to be just because he loves you, but you’re mistaken. You are making him question himself, make him think that he is never good enough.

So yes, he might be willing to do anything for you to be happy but please, stop breaking his heart to mend your own.