Stop Complaining About Modern Dating – It’s A Lot Better Than We Give It Credit For


Our generation loves to complain about pretty much everything, and the dating game is most definitely not exempt from these whine fests.

As some of you may have gathered by now, I try to follow a few general guidelines when writing my articles. These are as follows:
(1) No sugar-coating BS
(2) Nothing everybody has heard before, and
(3) When possible, go for the argument opposite to the one that we’ve seen time and time again.

Therefore, here are 3 reasons that modern dating doesn’t actually suck as much as everyone says it does:

1. You are given a plethora of options.

Some may view this as a con (looking at you, girls who caught their boyfriends on Tinder), but hear me me out. By having multiple methods of meeting people at your fingertips, you are less likely to become too fixated on one person.

Of course, it might be going exceptionally well with this one person – and that’s awesome. However, I’m talking about when you’re in that painfully awkward gray area. You know, when a guy has told you he likes you but isn’t really making any moves to take it to the next level. Or when a girl is all about you one weekend, and then rejects all of your attempts to hang out the next. (Yes, f***girls do exist too.)

Dating has been made infinitely easier and more accessible over the years – and sure, our parents will never understand the way it works (“What do you mean you’re just ‘talking’ to him, Sara? How is that different from dating him?”)– but what if we just made the most of it?

I’m not encouraging you to hop from relationship to relationship every chance you get (please don’t), but just remember that dating around can be fun – and if anything, it’s a hell of a lot more enjoyable than dwelling on why one train wreck of a relationship didn’t work out.

2. There is way less pressure than there used to be.

You might be slightly disappointed when a guy asks you out for drinks instead of dinner – but why? Sure, it’s more casual – but it’s also more comfortable. When dinner is involved, there are a whole new abundance of things you’ll have to worry about. Should I order a salad, or will it seem like I’m too high-maintenance? Which item am I least likely to spill all over myself? Is he looking at my mouth because he wants to kiss me, or do I have something in my teeth?

That being said, you should definitely progress to the “dinner date” level eventually. However, when you’re first getting to know each other, drinks can be a good way to ease your nerves. I mean, let’s be honest here – we’re all a little more talkative and confident once we have a good buzz going on.

3. There are so many more ways to flirt and keep things interesting with each other.

Obviously, we all love to hate social media – we end up seeing things we wish we hadn’t, feeling insecure about ourselves, and sometimes even unintentionally offending others. However, what about the sanctity of FaceTime when you’re in a long distance relationship? What about teasing each other with snapchats throughout the day (however appropriate they are is up to you), or tagging one another in stupid but funny memes just to throw a little comic relief toward your shitty days at the office?

We may roll our eyes at how apps and technology have completely destroyed any concept of privacy we’ve ever had, but at some point you just may have a change of heart – and realize that the constant connectivity is actually what’s keeping things strong.