Police: Active Shooter Near Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood


Most Recent Update @ 4:45 PM EST

According to new reports there were hostages, and an indeterminate number of them have now been transported to safety.



Update @ 4:30 PM EST

A description of the shooter has been tweeted out my multiple people. Here’s the gist:


Update @ 4:25 PM EST

Different reports are coming in. Most people seem to agree, however, that the gunman is still at-large. He may be cornered.

Update @ 3:45 PM EST

A post from 4chan has surfaced, and been shot down as a hoax. The post included the following text, but the name and image associated with the post was linked to several other 4chan hoaxes that intend on linking innocent people to attacks.

I’m currently on my way to Colorado Springs and I intend to take care of this liberal shithole myself. America is turning into a liberal shithole with Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood. It’s time someone took a stand and did this. I’m not going to say what I’m going to do, but It’ll be magical and have an impact on Obama’s future policies. It’s time someone brought back Conservative values. I’ll be the one making it happen, if you live in Colorado Springs, don’t go out tomorrow.

Most reports have implied that the shooting has no implicit connection to Planned Parenthood.

Original Story

Police have confirmed reports of an active shooter near the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Clinic.


The authorities have warned media to stay away from the area, saying that it is not currently safe for staging or reporting at this time.

According to The Gazette, two police officers were gunned down and at least four individuals were injured. Other unconfirmed details about the gunman are slowing making their way onto social media:


A nearby shopping center is currently on lockdown. Police are continuing to enter the area.

According to one individual (who may be on the ground), the gunman is still firing as we speak.

According to another, a police frequency scanner just picked up dialogue that the shooter was “coming out.”

Some scattered social media reports sugges that the shooter has been contained —


— but others maintain that it is still not a stable scene. This seems to be supported by a law enforcement twitter account.

Other reports have also surfaced suggesting that there may be more than a single shooter.


We will update this article with more details as they come.