Post-Racial Furniture Warehouse


High Point, North Carolina is “the furniture capital of the world.”

With such mega competition it’s difficult for the Red House, a small family owned business, to stay afloat. Enter self proclaimed ‘internetainers’ Rhett and Link who produced this brilliant commercial that not only sells mattresses but moves us beyond race:


Youtube user TheYubSu, proclaims:

I’ll admit i was racist ‘WAS” i can honestly say now, my college son is taking black history he has enlightened me about black history, now i can truly say.. I was uneducated about the blacks. Now that my son has passed on, what he has learned, to me, about the blacks ,i’ve learned to appreciate and love the black person. they have? endured too much that no human can endure,it was heart wrenching,i had tears,i thought i was just heartless to be racist but no, i was flat out, uneducated..

Inspiring. User ScreamMyDreams writes:

I WAS racist too. Then? i saw this commercial. Changed my whole perspective.

User THEMURDERVILLE, begs to differ:

This just shows how people always want to continue racism. They can’t never every race they just mainly naming the white and black because we hate against each other so much and white and black is a color for all race so if your Asian then that might be your race but what is your color? If you are Hispanic that is your race but your color if black because you are brown or black. So they are saying color not race.? See people try to make a change but yet you guys still want to continue racism.

So is the purpose of this commercial “to always continue racism”? Bro’s Rhett and Link discuss:

We knew this video was going to be controversial. Anytime race is discussed in any capacity, controversy ensues. The racial reconciliation concept was a joint effort between the Red House staff and us. They pointed out the fact that their employees and customer base were like the “Rainbow Coalition”, and we thought something with a comical racial reconciliation theme would be fun, as well as a conversation starter.

As evident in ‘the making of’ video, the Red House staff seems to like the idea and have fun with it proving that North Carolina is just some furniture sales and an awkward hand shake away from true racial equality.