Praying For Hobo Johnson


Hobo Johnson is ruining my life. With his curly hair, and his goofy, manic smile behind that microphone. His lyrics are haunting my dreams. I actually had a dream last night that the world was ending, and Peach Scones was playing on the radio. Like, I really loved the thought of his voice being the last thing I heard through the speakers as the sky was falling. Or maybe, it was just the thought of NOT BEING SO ALONE.

Was that too much? Probably.

On a serious note though, Hobo Johnson, a 20-something Sagittarius from the backyards of Sacramento, California, has taken over my Facebook newsfeed, as well as my playlist. I have isolated myself from friends and family members because I’m too busy listening to his music on my phone to answer their calls or texts. It’s that bad. He’s that good.

Hobo Johnson is undefined. He is a breath of fresh air in an industry of copycats. His music has a way of disturbing normal people and comforting those of us who are a little disturbed. He is like a strange hipster-poet-rapper hybrid who has accessed that level of emo kid in his performances that we all aspired to be in high school, just in cute boy next door wrapping paper.

Hobo Johnson is bathroom stall poetry personified. He has transformed his vulnerability and awkwardness in to a superpower, enabling him to reach out to and connect with an audience of millennials desperate for something real to hold on to. He is unapologetically beautiful weirdo-space-trash in a galaxy of boring rocks trying to convince themselves and everyone around them that they are planets. He is the one who makes the galaxy interesting, and worthy of a second glance.

Hobo Johnson is everything that the world needs right now, and I am so thankful his voice has found its way in to my life through airwaves and social media. I’m praying that he keeps shattering status quo boundaries and expectations in the music industry, and that the music industry doesn’t shatter him.

Protect your weirdo flame with everything you have, Hobo Johnson.

Don’t ever let them take that from you.