Pregnant Woman Savagely Beaten ‘For Not Saying Thank You’ To Man Who Held The Door For Her


 “He said, ‘I’m going to kick this baby out of your womb.'”

In one of the more horrifying displays of misogyny I’ve ever heard of, 32-year-old maintenance worker Darryl Guillyard has allegedly been identified as the individual who severely beat the pregnant 22-year-old New York City Housing Authority employee Lakeeya Walker for not thanking him for holding a door for her.

Walker’s account of what happened is pretty horrifying, made more so by a blood clot that developed around her baby’s head as a result of the attack.

When she failed to thank him for opening it, Guillyard called her “an ungrateful f–king b—h” and threw a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in her face, he then picked up the 5-foot 2-inch, 110-pound woman by the neck and started choking her. During the attack, he kicked her in the stomach and crotch after throwing her to the ground as she lay on the ground, she said.


“I was just thinking, try to protect yourself, try to protect yourself,” she said. “He was trying to kill my baby.”



Walker said she clawed at the attacker’s face as he gripped her with his hand. 


“I was fighting this guy back with everything in my little body,” she said. 

A trip to the doctor revealed that the blood clot that resulted from the attack is not life threatening to her baby. Guillyard has still not been located and is presumed still on the loose.