Promise Me You Won’t Let Your Demons Win


It’s easy to give up. It’s easy to say you can’t do it anymore. It’s easy to submit to every lie, every accusation, that is never true. It’s easy to pull yourself down. It’s easy to make it believe that you can’t. It’s easy to just stumble and stay to the ground. It’s easy to stop believing in the victory that is waiting and easier to believe in the lies.

But you’ve gotta keep trying. 

Honey, you’ve got to keep trying, promise me you’ll keep trying. Because great things does not happen overnight. Your demons does not die in a week. It’s a continuous process you have to keep battling, you have to keep defeating. And it will not happen if you give up now. So promise me you’ll hold on, promise me you’ll believe in your own victory, in your strength, in the overcomer inside you, because for what it’s worth—you are ultimately stronger than any of your demons. They’re just tiny, insignificant voices. YOU, on the other hand is a strong, triumphant soul. Those voices cannot ever leave you devastated, not unless you allow it. So really, it’s up to you.

Promise me you won’t listen to them, to its lies, but rather burn it, kill it, defeat it.

Promise me you’ll see how much you’re striving and give the credit where it is due. Promise me you won’t ignore improvements, and only look at the big, miraculous breakthroughs but you will acknowledge your little wins every single day, promise me you’ll be joyful about it, promise me you’ll celebrate.

Promise me you’ll always see hope, because there is hope, there is an assurance that if you just keep going, you will finish strong. And when you do, all of these liars will vanish. They will die down. Because they have nothing to control, because they can’t overpower you anymore, because they don’t get to decide anymore—you get to.

It’s all up to you.