Promises I Want You To Keep


I want you to promise me that the next time you meet someone who fascinates you, you won’t be afraid to communicate how you feel.

The next time you encounter someone you love, hold their hand and never release it, until you can’t hold on any longer because they are the one letting you go. (Perhaps they don’t deserve your hand after all).

Promise me that you will make time for them, no matter how hectic your schedule is. Let them teach you how to love, because you’re not an expert yet. Understand that they could be more afraid of rejection than you are. Text them good morning. Call them just to hear their voice. Show up at their doorstep. Surprise them with flowers. Tell them you like their eyes. Tell them they have nice hair. Don’t lie to them. Consider their feelings.

Please hold their hand. Give them your jacket when they say it’s cold. Be spontaneous. Be patient. Be kind with your words. Never cheat on them. Never raise your voice. Never type in CAPITAL LETTERS, no matter how angry you are. Respect them. Talk less and listen more. You may talk more sometimes, but never listen less. Give them your shoulder to cry on. Let them know that their tears are valid. Never treat them like an option. Tell them the truth every time. Mean every word you say. Tell them how you feel. Be more selfless. Show them you care. Cook for them. Make them breakfast in bed. Hug them to sleep. Kiss them goodnight.

I want you to promise me that if we meet each other in the next lifetime, you will tell me I have pretty eyes when I search for stars in the sky, not right before our last goodbye. You will hold my hand during our habitual walks, because it was always a hint when I said my fingers are cold. You will kiss me in the morning when I least expect it, as that is when I’ll need it the most. You will show me you care, not just tell me you do. You will pick up my 3am calls while you relentlessly work the night away, because I only called to tell you I’d always be there for you in every step of the way, and I just wanted to hear your voice although I will pretentiously say I called to say goodnight (or my smart phone strategically read my mind/my elbow hit my phone/Siri was being playful and decided to call you).

Promise me that if this time truly comes, you will hold my hand and never let me go.