Promises To My Future Daughter


I wish I could promise you that the world would never hurt you, and that people will always be nothing but kind. Sadly, I have learned enough throughout my struggles to know that, this is not possible.

I can promise that I will always be there, and that if your father ever yells at you the way mine yelled at me he will be forced to leave.

I promise that you will never have trouble sleeping out of fear I might get hurt. You will never find drugs on the bathroom counter, or be around any drunks.

I promise I’ll keep you safe.

I promise that if you ever come to me wondering what your purpose in life is, that I will just hold you until you feel okay again. I will never let an adult judge or ridicule you for the path you’ve chosen to take. I will teach you how to stand up for yourself when the kids at school decide to use you for target practice.

I will try my very best to make sure you have a big family around you that loves you. I apologize that you won’t get to meet your grandfather, but I promise that he will do a better job protecting you from heaven than he ever would have from this hell.

I promise that I will never let you be teased about your “bushy” eyebrows. We can fix them if you want, but if you’d rather not I will still assure you of your beauty.

I promise that if I decide it’s time to move but you protest we will stay right where we are- — even if your only reasoning for needing to stay is young love. Yes, your mother believes in young love.

I promise that if the same person you wanted to keep forever is the one that shatters your heart into a million pieces that I will do everything in my power to make that pain go away. I promise to realize that there is not much I can do, so I will understand why it is them you run back to.

I promise that no matter what, you will always find love again.

I promise that as long as I am alive you will never be alone, and that God will not take me away from you unless he knows you will be safe in someone’s loving arms.

Most importantly I promise that no matter what, you will be okay.