‘Queer Eye’ Is Officially Casting For Season Two (And Here’s How You Can Be On The Show)


Queer Eye fans, rejoice! The wholesome, heartwarming Netflix show is coming back with a second season full of self-love, self-improvement, and self-empowerment. But while the first season took place in Atlanta, season two has the fab five exploring a whole region of the United States: Kansas City, Missouri.

That’s right — if you live within an hour of the city, you can nominate someone (or yourself!) to be the fab five’s next project. All you have to do is email qecasting@itv.com and explain why your nominee deserves to be on the show, and exactly how the fab five can help them transform their life for the better. C’mon, don’t tell me there’s no one in your life who deserves a little Jonathan love!

Queer Eye features five gay men who offer up advice and lifestyle makeovers to people who are struggling socially, personally or professionally. Each of the guys have their own specialty (fashion, grooming, design, culture, and food and wine) that they use to help their subjects live a happier, healthier life, inside and out. Honestly, it’s something a lot of us could use, but only a lucky few will get to have their lives transformed by the show.

If you haven’t seen Queer Eye yet, check it out on Netflix. It’s become my favorite feel-go show, and I can’t go a full episode without (happy) crying. And if you or someone you know lives in the KC area, hey — why not give it a shot? (Please tell Antoni I love him.)