‘Queer Eye’ Season 2 Finally Has A Premiere Date (And It’s Sooner Than You Thought)


Good things are about to happen! Everyone’s favorite feel-good Netflix original is back, or at least, it’s about to be. Queer Eye is dropping it’s second season next month, and I’m already happy-crying in anticipation.

Queer Eye stole hearts earlier this year with eight heartwarming episodes that made even the coldest people tear up. There’s something incredibly wholesome about the reality show, which features five gay men (aka the Fab Five) helping struggling straight men get their shit together. In the first season, the show tackled heavy topics such as religion, race relations, and coming out, all the while instilling its subjects with a new sense of self-esteem, self-love, and self-purpose.

So when exactly can we expect the next installment? Season two will premiere on June 15 on Netflix, and the production crew has teased the idea of letting women and couples apply to have their lives shaken up by the Fab Five. I’m not sure if that’s something we can expect in this upcoming season or if we’ll have to wait until future installments, but either way, I’m READY for this. Someone bring me some tissues ASAP.