Quiet Girls Pay Close Attention To Detail


Quiet girls blend into the background. They aren’t interested in becoming the center of attention. They would rather remain invisible in crowds. They only feel comfortable speaking to certain people, people who they are sure they can trust with their deepest emotions.

Unless you ask them a direct question, they are not going to volunteer any information. They are going to let the surrounding people speak. They are going to give others the opportunity to use their voice.

Quiet girls are not going to jump into the middle of a conversation. They are people watchers. They like seeing how stories unfold in front of them.

They would rather listen than speak. They would rather learn something new about others than repeat something they already knew about themselves.

They are never trying to be rude by remaining quiet. The last thing they want is to come across as snobby. They are actually trying to be polite by not speaking over their friends. They are trying to give others the chance to say what they have been dying to say.

Unfortunately, you might still make assumptions about quiet girls. You might think they are hermits. You might think they are unfriendly. You might think they are too busy reading their books or listening to their music to notice what is going on around them.  

However, you should never underestimate quiet girls. They might not be the loudest person in the room but they are still in the room. They are looking around like eagles, examining the situation.

Quiet girls pay close attention to detail. Even though they choose not to participate in conversations, they are still listening. They are observing. They are taking everything in and locking it away in their brain.

They might have earbuds in, but their music is off and they are listening to every word you say. They might have their eyes trained on a page, but they are glancing up every few seconds. They might not add anything to the conversation, but they are still present.

Quiet girls are always listening (even when they shouldn’t be) which is why they are so good at reading people. They see things most people overlook. They can sense tension or love or romance in any room.

Quiet girls are intelligent. They are observant. They are the kind of person you never want to lie to because they will see the shifting of your eyes. They will notice the guilt on your face from a mile away. They might not call you out on your lies but they will secretly know what you have done. Nothing will get past them.

It might look like quiet girls don’t care about socializing since they are silent most of the time, but they have soft hearts with a lot of love inside. They care about what other people are going through. They want to hear about everyone’s problems and successes. They want to know what makes others tick. They just don’t admit it aloud.