Racist Russian Laser Show Depicts Barack Obama Eating A Banana


On Monday—Barack Obama’s 53rd birthday—a laser show was beamed onto the side of Moscow’s US Embassy depicting Barack Obama eating a banana.

The group that claims responsibility is called the “Moscow Student Initiative” and describes itself as “an art group, a circle of common interests, activists, students, patriots.”

On their VK page, which is Russia’s equivalent of Facebook, the group wrote:

On the night of Aug. 4, activists of the Moscow Student Initiative projected an extraordinary image on the U.S. Embassy. The image resembled the face of Barack Obama. The composition was animated and there was a diving banana in the mouth of the U.S. president. At the end was the inscription “Happy Birthday, Obama.”

This is not the first time that Russians have depicted America’s 44th president eating a banana:

This is an unfortunate and demeaning stereotype because regardless of race, color, or creed, nearly everyone enjoys eating bananas.