Ranking Every College Major, Based On How Good Of A Kisser They Are


Humanities & Liberal Arts

People with this major will certainly live-up to your expectation. Their kisses are just like them; passionate and wild. They are masterful at kissing because they know how to make someone feel desired and cared for at the same time. They convey what they want to tell you by kissing you artistically. People with this major kiss you better than they found you. Their touch is soft. They kiss your hand. They kiss your forehead. They kiss your heart. Then they go for your lips. People with this major are great at reading your body language. They kiss you the way you like best. Their kisses make you feel happy, safe and wanted. That’s why they are on the top of this list.

Visual & Performing Arts

Expect romance and cheesy gestures if you are into someone with this major. They put thought and effort into their kisses. People with this major are very visual. They will make lots of eye connection and will easily express their sexual attraction to you. They will also set the right mood as they play with light and shadow. People in this major are comfortable in their skin in a way that makes you want to kiss them more. Music might be playing in the background. You are most likely to be kissed in a concert, a museum or a movie theater by people with this major. Their kisses are fun and enjoyable.

Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

People in this major come third place because we all could appreciate great dental hygiene. They know exactly where to touch you since they understand the anatomy of the body. Their kisses let you experience your body differently. And on top of all that, their kisses are dirty and shameless. Another bonus for people with this major is that their kisses build-up. They start kissing your mind first by drawing a mental picture of how good the kiss will be. They make you crave it. Then they kiss you when you can’t take it anymore. Kudos for making kissing a fun ride!

Business, Finance and Economics

People with this major will charm you with confidence. Their kisses are assuring. They know what they are doing and are very proud of it. And for that, their kisses are sexy. French kissing is their to go move.

 Math, Engineering, Technology

People with this major are calculated. They make every move and eye contact with intent. They love to impress you. They are good listeners and are open to feedback. Their kissing skills are always improving because they stick to what works and add more great stuff to it.

Trade & Personal Services

People with this major will physically impress you. They will carry you and tease you for a bit. They are aware of their surroundings and they know exactly how to use them in a way that will get you going. Their kisses are adventurous. People with this major take you places you’ve never been before.