Rappers I’ve Been Listening to Lately


Lil’ Wayne

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Description – Seems to utilize non-sequiturs in a way that maybe makes it seems as though they aren’t non-sequiturs. Seems convincing in almost ever aspects of his persona. Uses similes and metaphors often. Delivers ‘punch lines’ well. Seems well versed in pop culture. Seems to have a productive/effective work ethic and a Promethazine-Codeine syrup addiction. Signature ‘noises’ include [lighter ‘flick’/inhale], “young moolah baby,” and [high-pitched laughter]. Notable physical features include long dreadlocks, myriad tattoos (‘I am music’ on face / ‘ESPN’ on arm), and a silver, glittery ‘grill.’

Albums/Songs I Currently Like – “Me and My Drank (featuring Short Dawg)” / No Ceilings / “Hawaii 5.0” / Tha Carter II