Reach Inside Darling — He Was Just The Key, But You Are The Heart


Reach inside darling–reach inside.

They don’t have it, and I knew he fuelled it and he held you–tightly, like you’ve wanted to be held your whole life–like you’re safe and there’s space to breathe into everything you haven’t dared but he was just the key, you are the heart.

You are the hot blood rushing through hundreds of purple veins, you are the boom boom that calmly and steadily through the day and the night is there inside–holding you and keeping you alive.

You are the sacredness of the pink light at sunrise, you are the white howl of the moons glow.

You are the sparkle of millions of stars dancing in the night.

Reach deeper–darling, reach deeper.

You encompass all the love you will ever had echoed and if you tap in, tune in and take a bath in your well of worthiness and love inside you won’t feel lonely anymore.

No, no, darling you are never alone.

This is all just energy–buzzing like yellow bees and black wasps.

You are it all and it all is you and if you knew that you wouldn’t seek so deeply and you wouldn’t hurt so hard because the only human who holds joy so deep it could fuel the laughter machines of this world, and enough love to fill the cracks in those who believe they are unloved is you.

Your heart has an entire universe of love swelling inside of it, overflowing in abundance.

Put your hands on your heart–right now, this is not a request, this is an order.

Forget what that man sitting there thinks and touch your heart. Close your eyes.

You feel that?

Boom, boom, beat.