Read This And They Will Never Break You


They will try. They will say things. They will do things. On purpose and by accident. But they will never break you. They will antagonise, goad, lure you down their path, but you will see straight through it. Their venom, toxicity, it doesn’t touch you.

You know, for sure, that you have nothing to prove, no one to answer to, no words you need to use to dignify any attack with an answer. You let it all slide because they haven’t broken you. Haven’t even scratched the surface, haven’t made the smallest dent.

Let them try. Let them watch your every move and think of ways to bring you down. They will never succeed. There are those that do and there are those that watch in awe. You will not mistake their insecurity for superiority. They may mistake your kindness for weakness. You are far from broken, far from giving in. In fact, their words only make you stronger. You’re ruffling their world and they haven’t touched yours. They’re putting minutes, hours, days into thinking about you and you have forgotten they exist.

The power is yours. The weakness is theirs. The jealousy is theirs. You see them for who they are and you know it’s a shame they miss out on who they could be. Time, energy, brain-space spent watching, obsessing over you. It will never be returned, but they are desperate that it is.

They will create their own demise or they will find their own success. Either is fine, because you are indifferent. You wish them well because you truly don’t care. And that’s what frustrates them the most. That to such a significant person in their life they are insignificant in return. They had your trust, your time, and they threw it away. Now they will never have your response, your energy, your thoughts. They will never break you. They will never come close.