Read This Before You Text Your Ex


When things end with your boo, it might seem like you can get them back if you just put in a little extra effort. Well, stop. Don’t send that text, don’t favorite their photo or tweet, don’t reply to their snap; don’t do any of that.

Sometimes we set ourselves up to be let down by exaggerating our place in someone’s life. Think about all things you’ve gone through in life that seemed impossible to overcome, yet here you are doing perfectly fine. Keep that same energy.

When you feel so strongly about someone, you can convince yourself that they’ll come around and things will work out. It’s a very gray area when it comes to figuring out who to be patient with and who is no longer meant to be in your life. It may seem as though the happiness someone brings you means they are your forever, but maybe they were actually meant to prepare you for someone even better (even if it seems they’re as good as it gets).

It can be hard when you feel you’re right for someone and you’re just sitting there waiting for them to realize that, but you won’t have to wait around for that right person if they truly are meant for you. It’s okay to miss them because there’s really no helping that, but you won’t be stuck on them forever. Whether this is your first heartbreak or you’ve had a couple, things get better with time. You can’t rush healing, but you can make the process easier by focusing on yourself and what you have. Getting over someone is a journey, and as time passes, you may realize they’re on your mind less or you aren’t just sitting around waiting for their call or message.

Don’t lose yourself trying to get someone back. Take this time to focus on yourself.