Read This For Strength When You Feel Like The World Keeps Screwing You Over


Whenever you find an ounce of happiness, it feels like it only lasts for a little while before the world decides to yank it away from you. Before you go back to square one, go back to being miserable, go back to hating your life. You feel like you’ve spent most of your time unhappy, wishing things were different, wishing you were different.

It doesn’t matter if you’re so stressed that you have started pulling at your hair and biting at your nails. It doesn’t matter if you are so angry that you are screaming into pillows and clenching fists to keep from punching walls.  It doesn’t matter if you are so hurt that you have spent every waking hour with tears cascading down your cheeks and tissues scattered across your bedsheets.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you can’t take a second more of your life — because all you have to do is get through today. Twenty-four hours. 1,440 minutes. That’s all you need to do right now.

Breathe. Shower. Brush your teeth. Change out of your pajamas. Get something done. Anything. It doesn’t matter how small.

You could answer an email that you have been ignoring for days. You could take your dog for a walk so the both of you get some fresh air. You could clean out your refrigerator to trash all of your expired items. You could wash your sheets. You could call a friend you haven’t spoken to in far too long.

Anything is better than nothing. Standing is better than climbing back into bed and moping about how unfair things are.

When you feel like the world is too overwhelming, you have to stop being so hard on yourself. Stop pushing yourself. Stop assuming that you aren’t accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Today doesn’t have to be the day you find your forever person or land your dream job or finish the project you have started. Today doesn’t have to be the day that you turn your entire life around.

Today is just another day you have to make it through.

You shouldn’t be mad at yourself if you don’t get enough done by the end of the night. You should be proud of yourself if you make it until the end of the night. Because sometimes that’s the hardest thing you will ever be asked to do.

Keep making it until tomorrow. Every single day, that should be your goal. Make it until tomorrow. And the next tomorrow. And the next. And the next.

Eventually, you’ll be able to add more goals to your list. Make it until tomorrow and meet your friends for dinner. Make it until tomorrow and ask your boss for a raise. Make it until tomorrow and buy a plane ticket across the country.

One day, living will be easier. But even once that happens, even once you reach a good place in your life, there will be still days when you suffer from setbacks. There will still be days when you have to remind yourself that all you have to do is make it until tomorrow.