Read This if You’re Doing Your Best But Things Haven’t Working Out Yet


Hustling. Grinding. Staying on course for success. The internet seems to be littered with so much advice on what needs to be done to attain success. Well, I am not here for some regurgitated info. Here is what you should be doing when things are not working out yet, and it all comes down to one thing, dealing with the moment and being less overwhelmed with the actions that make those dreams become reality.

Hard work is sometimes overrated anyways. Truthfully it’s not all about hustling. Sometimes it is simply about loving, thinking and doing something out of the box. Here are 12 things you should be aware of while you are still hustling and things are not working out yet.

1. Believe

Be assured of the desired future. Never stop believing.  It may not be working out in your favor yet, but certainly, hold on to the hope that you are certainly going to get there.

2. You Just Need To Be Lucky Once

You don’t need to be lucky all the time. Once, twice or thrice could be what changes everything. So your hustle and preparation for the “big” day is not in vain anyways.

3. Listen

Perhaps you are paying attention to the many things that are not working. Maybe you should be more observant and listen to subtle signs that you are almost there. Most people tend to lose faith when they are about to reach “payday.” Yes they were almost there but gave up because they didn’t listen hard enough.

4. Strategize

People think it is always about the hustle and physical energy you burn out. But why don’t you think and work smarter instead. Rather than simply sweating it out, approach every situation systematically.

5. Associate

Be in the right crowd. Mix with the right people. Sometimes what would give you the edge is in who you know and taking advantage of these connections.

6. Adapt

Times have changed. Become successful now takes a different approach from 20 years ago. We live in a gig economy where you don’t have to get stuck in the rat race and work 9-5 for a boss. You can certainly become a solopreneur and become your own boss. Kajabi has a tool to make you a business owner and help you develop your path to wealth by building and marketing an online course about any field you have expertise in. It is simply adapting to the times and taking advantage of the tools for these.

7. Accommodate

Sometimes a smile and a great attitude are what put you ahead of the competition.

8. Assimilate

Learn. It goes beyond going to a great institution. It is about willing to improve on who you are and what you deliver.

9. Great Success Takes Time

Perhaps you need to persevere and show mastery first. This could be your cutting edge.

10. Take a Break

Yes, you want to break records and do the extra-ordinary. But you may need to take a break and appreciate where you are the moment. You may never be in such a place and time to do the things you are doing now. So enjoy the moment and live in it.

11. Appreciate

You may not be getting the results you desire. But appreciate what you have garnered through your journey. Success is a journey and there are certain milestones you simply need to appreciate. It could be meeting a mentor, starting a job, getting a new client, there is always something to appreciate as you head for success.

12. Love, Live, and Laugh

Learn to love along the way. Laugh over your mistakes and live. You would find it easier to deal with your shortcomings and disappointments this way.