Read This If You Can’t Stop Comparing Your Life To Everyone Else’s


Here is the truth about humans: we all will struggle to love ourselves at some point.

You’re never exempt no matter your age, race, weight, or gender because it’s inevitable that we will compare ourselves to everyone around us whether it be our looks, our income, our living situation because it just seems easier to focus on the negatives instead of what we’ve accomplished so far.

We live in a world where we color our lives in filters and sound, tell the world about our promotions and weight losses and leave out the parts about how we come home crying because of our new position every day and binge on a pack of Oreos to numb it all.

Of course, I can’t tell you to not compare yourself to other people because that’s difficult. It’s so much easier to focus on what everyone else is doing and forget you’re not everyone else.

At almost 25, I tell myself I should be somewhere else. I should be living on my own, with a higher paying job, my loans paid off, and have a solid career.

But what I didn’t tell you in that last sentence is that I’m also 25, starting my Master’s degree, started in a small town where few believed in my strengths. I made it out of a broken home, lost my mom last year, and I’m still trying when the world expects women like me to end up elsewhere.

Perception is everything is what I’m learning. And what you should all know is that you’re doing great. In a society where getting by doesn’t seem to be enough, we don’t remind ourselves of all of our accomplishments. I believe that everyone is where they’re meant to be in their lives and just because your life doesn’t compare to someone else’s doesn’t mean it’s less.

It’s scary to see people advancing while it feels like you’re still in the same place, but you’re actually not. Your life is so valuable, and whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. Keep waking up every day, keep loving yourself even when it’s hard and you’re bullying yourself.

Progress isn’t linear, you’ll find some days are harder than others. But it’s necessary to know that nobody really knows what they’re doing. Everyone is just trying to do what they think is right, but at the end of the day there’s no “right path.” We’re all just trying to pick the one that feels the best, so don’t follow someone else’s because you think you should.