Read This If You Don’t Have A Clue About What’s Happening Next In Your Life (And You’re Freaking Out)


If you don’t have a grand plan about where your life is headed, or a five-year plan about taking your next step in your career, or even if you don’t know what your college major is going to be, please take a deep breathe.

Everyone, and I mean everyone is freaking out. No one knows what their next step is going to be, or what direction their life is going in. No one knows where they are going to end up or what path to walk on next.

Life is not meant to be scheduled. It isn’t meant to have a timeline set per day or checklists written out per week . Life is not meant to be a busy street, full of worn out cars and overrun engines. Life isn’t meant to keep climbing and climbing until you are completely out of fuel.

Your life is meant for now. For today. For this minute and this hour and for this exact moment. Life is meant for enjoying the little things, for making tiny goals, and relishing in those accomplishments. Life is meant to be a country side road, with long and winding turns and views that could light up your darkest day.

Life is not made to be a race. It isn’t meant to be an anxiety ridden world, full of exhausted shells of human beings, racing towards the finish line.

You’re not supposed to know what you’re doing. You’re not supposed to know what is next. You are not supposed to know what you are going to do fifteen years from now. It’s supposed to be an unknown, beautiful mystery.

Make your future become beautiful, instead of something that you dread. Start looking forward to the future instead of trying to tackle your demons every single minute. Start looking at the future as something that is magic instead of something that is terrifying.

Live in the now. Breathe in everything that is happening at this exact second. And don’t ever take your breaths for granted. And know that life is a beautiful journey, full of twists and turns that you will never be able to see in your crystal ball.

So take one step at a time. Don’t leap or run. Just be. And just live. And just breathe.

You will get to where you want to be soon enough. You will get to where you are meant to be one day. But for now, just take in this life and appreciate what you have. Take in this journey and appreciate how far you have come. And truly relish in what you have now – and that’s this very moment.