Read This If You Feel Like You’ve Been Left Behind


It’s nice to have people who truly value you, people who promise they’ll stay by your side no matter what. It’s like finding treasures in a land full of gravel and sand – rare, unlikely, and implausible – because only a handful can and will actually stay true to their promise.

They say there are two types of people in this world: the ones who leave and the ones who get left behind. It sure hurts like hell if you belong to the latter.

Being left alone might be one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. It’s like losing that one piece in a jigsaw puzzle, making it incomplete; the gaping hole will always be there no matter how beautiful the picture should’ve become. It’s like missing the last train to Neverland and knowing you’ll never ever get there. It’s listening to your favorite music over and over again but knowing it’ll never change its tune or rhythm.

When someone leaves your life, you ask heaps of questions like:

“Where did I go wrong?”

“What was not enough?”

“How can they leave so easily?”

But there’s one answer to all those, one explanation behind these recurring instances in our lives:

If someone really wants to stay, nothing will ever lead them to believe that leaving is the right thing to do – they will fight for a spot in your life. They’ll find that one reason to stay, amidst all the other things that make them want to walk away.

When you’re the one who gets left behind, you will be given no choice but to accept it. No matter how much you beg them to stay or to give it another try, no matter how much you promise to change just so they won’t ever leave your side, you will still end up being the one who closes the door behind them, to bid them goodbye since it’s what they truly want — to leave.

The aftermath will be worse. The sight of them leaving hurts, but living without them hurts even more. Then again, you’ll have to accept things and to keep moving forward because that’s the only choice you have – to move on and live each day without them by your side.

It’s okay – you’ll move on, you’ll get there. One day you’ll finally realize that you’re okay without them.

Perhaps the best thing you can do is to appreciate all those who decided to stay with you; be grateful for these people and devote your time to them instead of those who already decided to leave your life.

Life’s too short to live with constant worries, fears, regrets, and what ifs.

Life is now, at this moment. So make the most out of it and spend it with the ones who value your presence in their lives.