Read This If You Feel Lost And Stuck In Your 20s


You know that you have an amazing life ahead of you. Too many places to tick off your bucket list, too many experiences you are yet to go through, too many adventures you are yet to conquer. But here you are, walking aimlessly, wondering what to do next.

You don’t know where to go or what you exactly want. You’ve been meaning to pack your bags and leave, to immerse yourself in the world. You have the youth, the energy but you just can’t seem to go. You just seem so tied up to a job you need but you don’t exactly love. You can’t leave the comforts of now, for the uncertainty of tomorrow. Your heart is yearning for adventure, but your mind says it’s better to be standing on the shore, safe and secure, than to sail through the rough waves of the ocean.

You are afraid, too afraid. All sorts of fear are creeping in your system. You fear disappointments, you fear rejection, and you fear uncomfortable situations. You fear the uncertain, and you are afraid of the unknown.

You are lost in translation. Wanting to find answers, yet again you find yourself all the more lost, unsure and afraid. You want everything to happen now, all at once. But you just can’t seem to figure out how, or what, or where.

Where are you headed to dear one? You are in love with the city you’ve never been in, thirsty for independence. You want something to change, but you can’t seem to find the courage to start anyway. You have a lot of potential in you but as each day goes by, little by little your passion dies. It unwillingly fades and then you find yourself stuck in a life you’ve been running from.

The monotony of eat-work-sleep-repeat kills you, your dreams and your desire for life. Making you settle for mediocre things; for the okay, instead of the excellent.

Your fears eat you out alive. And then slowly, you are not you anymore. The dreams you once dreamt of when you were still small are now so far off.

But darling you must remember you are a child of the universe. And you were born for greater things. There is no reason to be afraid.

Don’t let monotony suck the life out of you. Don’t let it kill your burning desire to live more than exist, to love like there is no tomorrow and to dream the moon, the stars and all the galaxies combined.

Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams. You are brave dear one. You are strong, you are wise, you are beautiful and you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind into.

Stop worrying about the future, about life. Let it unfold its course, live it, little by little every single day. Don’t rush your process, breathe in and enjoy it.

At this very moment you may feel lost; you may not know where to go or what to do. But trust me, you will figure it out like you always do.

Darling you are amazing, you are wonderfully made; you can conquer anything.

Follow your heart’s deepest desire, dear one. Do what you love. Write, sing, swim, travel; whatever it is. Do it. Decide to do it. Then everything will follow through.

But darling, know that the process won’t be easy, it will really be uncomfortable. Most days will be rough; you may feel like giving up. But you will get there.

Don’t think too much. Cry if you must during the most difficult days, but don’t ever give up.

Remember, why you’re doing it. Remember that the kid inside you once dreamed of it. Remember that the most difficult path usually leads to the most amazing view. Work on your dreams darling, no matter how hard it is. Achieve it for you.

I know it will be hard, but you will make it darling. It will be the sweetest victory. You will get through.

I believe in you!