Read This If You Thrive Off Having A Sense Of Control


If you’re reading this, then you’re probably like me. You’re one of those individuals that like having that sense of control—and control isn’t always a bad thing. You could like being in control of the outcome of your life, because let’s face it: Who doesn’t? You could also like being in control of your own emotions and knowing you have your emotions in check. Or you could like being in control of your own time. Whichever aspect it is, having a sense of control is what makes you feel calm and comfortable.

However, if you like being in control, that also means you know what it’s like when you lose that control. This means you’re aware that the more you attempt to control things in certain aspects of your life, the more you end up with more frustration and pain. Control is a nice aspect to have, yes, that’s true. When we have control of things, it makes us feel that things can go our way. Life is full of unpredictable situations, and even in a season where everything’s going the way we expect, we still don’t know for certain what tomorrow holds. We can be filled with happiness and joy today, but tomorrow can bring us sadness and anxiety. As someone that thrives having that sense of control, when you lose that control, it can drive you to the edge of your sanity. You find comfort in calling all the shots in your life but in reality, you don’t have that power. In fact, none of us have that much power to know what the future holds or which decisions are worth it and which ones aren’t.

No matter how much you attempt to fix the aspects in your life that are lacking, it’s never going to end up the way you expect. Every situation we end up in never happens the way we expect it to. Think of it like this: when you first fall in love, you never plan how it’s going to be in every precise detail. It just happens. The more you plan it, the more likely it’s never gonna happen.

You have to let go of the idea that having control of your life equates to happiness, because that isn’t always the case. Let go and be open to the idea that even if life is uncertain, there’s a certain anticipation and mystery in not having that control.