Read This If Your Life Feels Like An Endless Struggle


It’s hard to admit it, but if you’re reading this you’re in a place of hurt. There is a problem that is causing you to suffer mentally, physically and emotionally. And I just want to let you know it will all be okay.

If you were to look back at your life, or those around you, there is a noticeable pattern of life being a constant flux of good and bad weeks. When things are good, it’s difficult to foresee that life will eventually come colliding down on you to test your character. If I were to imagine someone reading this who wasn’t in a state of struggle, they will chuckle at this post for addressing ‘common sense.’ However, it is different for someone who is hurt. Common sense and logic isn’t a solution because you’re dealing with emotions.

This is the nature of life and there isn’t anything you can do to prevent it. Humans are given a wide range of emotions that are supposed to be felt at one point in your life – and now it’s your turn feeling it.  You’re being put in a situation that will force you to rise from the bottom and a valuable lesson will emerge from it after it’s over.

I can tell you with certainty that your struggle is not permanent. But you can prolong it if you don’t act accordingly.

  • Embrace your pain and make it a part of who you are. You’re currently going through an obstacle that is universally happening to a lot of others. Take this time to gain self-awareness not only to help yourself, but understand and relate to every other human on this planet. You are your own case study.
  • Don’t indulge in your struggle for too long. It’s healthy to immerse yourself in your emotions because that is an indication you’re aware of what’s happening. It’s okay to feel the need to take a day or two to listen to sad music, or distance yourself from others or even stay home in bed. But this is temporary and should remain so. Your solution isn’t to build yourself a fortress from the world, it is by getting back into the world and channeling that struggle into a creative beneficiary to your character.
  • Life isn’t about trying your hardest to remain happy at all times. The notion that you must remain in a state of joy at all times is an ideology you must erase from your mind. It is unrealistic. Human life is an existence of feelings that will flow through you everyday. You can’t block out the emotions you feel, but you can choose how you react to them. And that’s what life is about.

As I end this letter, I want to let you know I’m writing this from a place of struggle myself. By writing this letter, it has helped me feel better about my own situation. And perhaps, if it resonated with me – it will resonate with you. So to whoever is reading this… Remember that this struggle will be over soon. I promise you it will. Try your hardest to remain clear headed and don’t make impulse decisions because you’re fueled by emotion.

Take a deep breath, and now take another one. Everything will be okay.