Read This If You’re Thinking Of Leaving Him Behind


If you’ve been in a long term relationship and something inside you is telling you that you’re just not in it anymore and you’re thinking of walking away and leaving him behind, just do it. No one is going to hate you for it. No one is going to blame you for wanting to be happy. No one is going to think any less of you.

If anything, you’re going to empower other women to stop just settling. You’re going to encourage a few women that it is possible to do it on your own. You’re going to show all women out there that it is possible to just fall out of love with someone. You’re going to be that one that’s strong enough to fight for her own happiness instead of staying in something because it’s comfortable.

You’ve been together for years. You’ve become to know this person like the back of your hand. They’ve become the other part of you. You’ve made sacrifices to continue to be with this other person, however, nothing has progressed.


You know you’re not happy. You know you’re staying because you’re afraid they might not make it without you. You’re staying because it’s the one consistent thing you’ve had your entire life. You’re staying because you feel like for some bizarre reason, you deserve to be treated like shit. I’m not saying this is the case in every relationship. Maybe he doesn’t necessarily treat you like shit, but are things progressing? Are you future building? Are you making moves that take your relationship to the next level? If the answer is no, it’s time to walk away.

Stop telling yourself you deserve to be in this stagnant relationship. Stop being afraid of what will happen to him once you walk away. Stop worrying what other people will think of you. Honestly, chances are, other people are rooting for you to walk away too. You just have to believe you can do it.

You’re noticing other people a lot more. You’re wondering if the people you see are truly happy with their significant others. You don’t really care if they are because they sure as hell make it look like they are. You want that. You want that one thing that everyone seems to be looking for.


You are strong enough. You are enough. You will be alright without him. He will be alright without you. You can do this. It’s going to be hard. Once it happens, you might even feel bad about it at first. Tears will be shed. You’ll begin to think you might actually regret what you’ve done. Get through that. You’ve come this far. If you push yourself through the initial shock of what has just happened, I promise, your happiness will begin to shine like the sun!

You are stronger than you think. You deserve to know if there’s happiness worth making the hard decisions for. You deserve so much more than you’re giving yourself. Go get what you want. You’re the only one standing in your way.