Read This If You’re Worried Your Relationship Is Moving At The Wrong Pace


I’m the kind of girl who will spend weeks texting with a guy before having our first face-to-face conversation. I need a casual meet-up at a familiar bar, loosening up the nerves with alcohol, before I consider penciling in date number two. In time, communication eventually escalates to late night phone calls, but weeks may go by before I feel comfortable enough to disclose my address.

From the first time I was asked out on the playground, I’ve always had a cautious approach when it comes to dating. So, when I see my Facebook friends’ relationships statuses change more frequently than I wash my jeans, I admire how they can so often adjust to being with someone new with such ease.

While I’m spending days sending kissy face emojis to my crush before a first date, other couples are already on their third meetup, swapping introductions with friends and scheduling playdates with their dogs. Before I’ve decided whether I’m going to accept his follow request on Snapchat or update my Bumble profile, others are practically planning their future together.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned in believing that a person needs to check all the boxes of what you need in a partner before developing anything serious. I thought that meeting the parents was something you did upon planning the engagement proposal and not within hours of learning his last name. I was taught that marriage was a unity of two people who plan to spend their lives together and not temporary vows that can be annulled by signing a document.

When it comes to who you open your heart to, the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. There is no timetable to when and how a relationship should blossom. Do what feels right for you. When you meet that person, something in you will alert you that they’re it and the search is over. Whether you need to move at a snail’s pace like me or you’re going through the motions, trust the process. If they’re the one, they will stick around, no matter how long it takes your heart to get there.