Read This The Next Time You’re In Pain


Trust me, we can never mend a broken heart in just one day or two. There will always be a missing part deep inside that breaks us into bits and pieces when people walk away from us. But we can always avoid feeling like we’re dying when everyone else is living a life.

Nobody wants the pain of a broken heart. But it’s a part of life; it’s because we are humans. We all have bouts with the blues — nothing is good enough, nothing works and nothing makes us happy.

Whoever is in pain right now reading this, I want you to know that you are not alone. I may not know you and I may not know what kind of pain you’re going through right now, but I’m sure that you are strong.

If you’re in pain right now, take time to breathe and read this:

Be thankful. Be grateful for all the challenges and heartbreak that you’ve endured, as well as all the lessons you’ve learned from it.

Have a positive mindset. Always keep in mind your purpose in life. Always remember what keeps you alive and happy.

Don’t be afraid. Do the things that terrify you and help you grow. No matter what life throws at you, one day you will overcome everything. It’s part of life’s growth, you know?

Accept rejection. It’s a part of moving on, so always remember that you shouldn’t struggle to accept it. It may be hard but try to understand its magic. Don’t hold onto negative feelings when you want to enjoy your life.

Stay true to your values. Be brutally and shamelessly honest with yourself even when life tries to change you. Stay true to who you are and don’t let anyone change that.

Don’t regret. “No regrets.” You’ve probably heard these words many times. Don’t waste your midnights filled with regret. It’s pointless. Get over it.

Don’t live in the past. You have a purpose in life. Stop letting your past define what you are going to do in the future. Accept what happened to you and learn from it. If you’ve learned your lesson, move on. If you think you can’t change a thing, drop it. Do not opt to ruin yourself by continuing to live in consistent misery. Just keep going. Who knows what life will show you next?

Forgive. Forgive the people who have caused you deep pain and try to find it in your heart to include them in your prayers; they need that.

Life is not about existence. Don’t just exist, because life is worth living if you know how to live a beautiful and happy life. Good luck!