Read This When You Are Searching For Your Purpose In Life


So many of us spend our entire lives wondering what our purpose on this earth is. We want to know why, out of all of the people that could be here, the universe chose us. We look to the stars and wonder how someone so small could even make an impact on something as vast as all of this.

There are sleepless nights spent searching for the answers that we aren’t even sure actually exist. We might never know why certain people had to leave us or why what we thought was best for us actually wasn’t. We might never get closure from the one person we desperately crave it from, and we might never get to say goodbye to the only one who ever made us feel loved. Within this life, we will face so many unknowns. And still, we must carry on.

You will never know the reason why so many things had to happen in your life. But I will tell you what you will know.

You will know what it feels like to stand outside in the summertime and feel the sunshine kissing your cheeks. You will know that mint chocolate chip ice cream is the cure for most bad days and that time spent with someone you love can be even better than that. You will know what it’s like to have your heart broken into a million little pieces, but also, you will know how it feels to have someone put them all back together. You will experience the pain and the beauty and the bizarre, and you just have to trust that everything you are experiencing is happening for a reason. We cannot always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we must never stop believing that it is out there somewhere.