Read This When You Don’t Know Where The Hell Your Life Is Going


Maybe right now you’re stuck in a loophole. You look at the floor where you’re standing, and you feel confused. You pause for one second, thinking this isn’t the life that you have pictured for yourself. Something is wrong. You ask yourself how did you even get there in the first place.

Each step you take is heavy. Hell, even breathing seems like a chore. There’s no spark running in your vein. Your life is starting to become this white and black film. And the future appears to be bleak. It’s like you wake up one day and nothing makes sense anymore. And now, you wonder at which point has your world shifted.

Because there must be a reason why you’re feeling this way, right? You know it didn’t just happen overnight. There must be a root cause for this emptiness. This can’t be some random occurrence in your life. Something or someone has to be blamed.

But I want you to stop. Pause. Breathe. Stay still. And drop everything that you’re doing at this very moment.

I want you to know that this isn’t how you’ll end. What you have in your current situation is only temporary. And it’s not always going to be like this forever. Like tides in the ocean, your life will keep moving. The earth will continue to revolve around the sun, whether or not you’re ready to keep up with it. And you need to take that as a sign to keep going, too. Because the harsh truth is, nothing and nobody will ever stop for you.

It might be hard for you to find a reason to carry on, but you have to at least try. You have to give yourself enough time to understand your emotions. This is only a phase, a roadblock that you need to overcome. The dark clouds over you will vanish. The dust will settle. And everything will become clear again.

You will find something new to love, and it will fill your heart with joy you’ve never encountered before. You will begin to uncover your true purpose in life. And wherever you turn your head, you will see something to be thankful for. Your soul won’t feel desolate anymore. The creases in your forehead will barely turn into a frown.

Someday, somewhere part of this world, you will discover a place you can easily call home.

And for the first time, you will realize how much you’ve been waiting for that moment to happen. It will be a pure dream come true. All the pain that tore you to pieces and heartbreak you experienced in the past will become irrelevant.

Life will unfold in front of your eyes when you least expect it. And in that sweet, fleeting instant, a switch inside of you will flip. You will reminisce the hard days that brought you down to your knees and finally understand why they had to happen. Why you lost people. Why you had to leave a place that you loved. Why you had to change lanes.

It will dawn on you that maybe you won’t get to fully know where the road you’re taking will bring you. And maybe nobody else will either. But as you move along, you will be aware that at least you’re doing something. And maybe that’s enough. Like, maybe that will count as an effort.

But today, what you can do is try to find out what makes you unhappy.

Acknowledge your feelings and remind yourself that your emotions are valid. Then weed out everything that’s dragging you down. Because for you to cultivate a journey that’s going to work out well, you have to know what you don’t want as much as what you want in life. And, usually, the best way to do that is to start and seek from within.