Read This When You Forget To Believe


When I tell you that you’re special, please believe me.

When I tell you that the world would be emptier without you in it, please believe me.

When I tell you that your presence in this world is proof that magic exists, please believe me.

Believe me when I tell you these things, not because I want you to feel better, but because they are true. Your presence is a present that I unwrap everyday like it’s Christmas, or a birthday, or just because it’s Friday. You are wanted, needed and loved and on the days where you don’t feel like you are. If you need a reminder, I’m just a phone call, text or visit away. I’ll be there if you need me because I need you, too.

You are effortless, endless magic. I know how hard life has been towards you but you have not lost your softness or your grace. That is magic — for this world is so good at hardening us that to stay soft within its edges is power itself, which shouldn’t be understated or underestimated. Your heart remains a place where one can feel safe to reside in. Your soul is a song I cannot forget. You are the best thing to ever happen to this world.

Please believe me. Please believe in yourself.

On the days that you forget, I will be there to remind you — of your awesomeness, your power, your tenacity, your spirit. Look in the mirror and see spectacular in your reflection. On the hardest days you carry the heaviest burdens, and you don’t need a cape to be a superhero, yet you are. There you stand, an example of unbridled spirit and you may not feel it right now but your spirit radiates to those around you. We are in awe of you, whether we know you personally or not. Your presence commands a room and your smile lights it up. In the midst of this life that is overrun with busyness, depression and stress, you are the calm within the storm. That quiet strength is your superpower.

You are a safe harbor —this is your secret. Take heart in yourself that on the days where the storm rages inside you. You can be your own safe place, your own safe harbor, your own quiet strength.

You just have to believe.