Read This When You Need A Pep Talk


You’re not a fucking doormat.

This phrase is cliché, the idea is tired, but it stands true all the same. You cannot continue to think that about yourself.

You’re awake, aren’t you? You got up today. You kept going. And you are going to keep doing just that. Because that is your only option now. You have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and you cannot slow down.

You burn so much brighter than you know. Don’t interpret your own flames as danger; accept them into your soul. Welcome them as your new fuel source. Allow them to feed into your emptier parts, filling you up, igniting your insides.

Light em’ up, queen.

Your fears seem like monsters, barricading the way between you and your goals. This is not the case. These monsters seem numerous and inexplicably large, but they’re really just a singular organism. They are you. You are your greatest fear and your largest obstacle. Don’t let this scare you further, let it drive you further and through your life. If all you’ve got to fear is yourself — can anything else even be that scary?

Here’s the thing: you’ve already experienced the worst. And you did it. You’re breathing. You’re moving on. You have to celebrate that. You have to give yourself credit where credit is due.

People have tried to tear you down and shred every part of you. Sure, you’ve got scars. But it didn’t kill you. This is how you learned to heal. This is how you learned to grow. Those seasons helped build who you are now. Own that.

You cannot allow yourself to drown entirely. If you need time to process, take it. But know this: The only people who move the stars and shake the earth are those that choose to do so. You have to swim up and start to breathe again. And you have to make that choice every single day until you’re constantly floating above water.

Your presence can fill any void if you so choose. Own the strength that you have, or even the strength that you want to have. Take full responsibility for the space you take up in the world, as you can change things for the better.

You do not need to sit in your sadness. You do not need to let your anger eat you alive. You need to accept your circumstances. You can accept your circumstances.

And you can be better.

You can be a wildflower in a patch of weeds. You can be someone’s sun and their moon. You can be the muse for songs or you can write them yourself.

It’s all inside, kid. Love yourself enough to let it out. Lean on others to teach you how. And know, above anything else, there’s always someone looking out for you.

Even if you don’t see it right now.