Read This When You Start To Hate Being Single


Forever. A commonly used word nowadays. Some searching, others already have theirs. I’m happy for them and somehow envy. I keep on asking myself each day. What is it that I want? What’s my criteria to allow someone to enter my life more than friends? I guess that’s the challenge if you’ve been single for quite too long. You tend to rely on yourself alone.

Movie buddy? I can do it alone or with my friends. Shopping? I love doing it myself. Dining? I have no issues eating on my own. Someone to talk to? I intend to write what I’m thinking, just like what I’m doing now. You see, I guess this is the art of being alone. It’s the moment when you start to accept your current situation and just live with it. I’m still young and definitely feeling young so it doesn’t bother me at all maybe for now.

Maybe because I’m a guy? But no, I just don’t want to look like I’m desperate to find the love of my life. Don’t get me wrong if you’re like that, who knows if you’re that vocal with your crush you might end up attracting them. But for me, I guess its like finding your connection to someone. That connection is still what I’m looking for. Way back in college, my priority is to get out of college. I did it. When I finally got out I shifted my priority to responsibility which until now is what I’m struggling. That love is long gone.

But did I regret it? Yes to a point that I’m not interested to love at all. At my current age now, love comes with commitment and responsibility. No more “collect and collect then select”; Instead of collecting girlfriends, collecting investment is way cooler. I have very few moments of that romantic excitement (“kilig”) moment of first dates or simply have that special someone. That era of my life already passed. Now is the time to look for a serious relationship which is hard to find. Sadly.

The way I write might look like I live miserably my entire life, but no I’m not. Of course if you’re single you have to engage yourself. Well as for me, I engage myself to church, travel, hiking, work and whichever fits my schedule. It helped a lot to a point that I didn’t bother I’m single at all. I’m blessed. It gives me a sense of purpose and escape.

Purpose in a way I was able to touch other people’s lives, hopefully in a good way. Escape that I was able to go outside my comfort zone to try other things on my own. The purpose of writing this is for every single person to realize it’s okay to be single. We don’t have to stress ourselves out; why we remain or choose to be single. There’s nothing wrong in us. It’s just that we still haven’t find that spark to someone.

To all single people. Our time will come. There’s no need to rush. People destined to us will come at the right place and at the right time. Do what makes you happy. Focus on other things instead of whining. While single, know yourself more. It will be easy for us to connect to someone if we know ourselves. I heard this somewhere, but when you’ve committed yourself to someone part of him/her will become yours and vice versa. Like a fruit cut into half. It will be easy for us to share ourselves to someone if we know and love ourselves.

To our friends and relatives. Yes we know we’re single. We also know you’re concerned to us. Please be so kind not to pressure us. When we meet instead of asking if we have someone, ask how we are doing. You see we’re waiting patiently for that person to come. We hope, you will also. Besides, it’s not you who might be single for the rest of his/her life. But we assure you that we’re perfectly fine so you don’t need to bother at all.

Love is a blessing in this world. Without it, I think the world will be in chaos. I’m praying to those single people, including myself of course, that we may be able to find someone whom we can share our time and live happily with them. But for now, it really is okay to be single.