Read This When Your Art Feels Pointless


The news is a lot lately to consume lately. I’m a woman of words -— words are my bread and butter — and yet, I struggle to find them when it comes to talking about the state of the world, the planet, and humanity at large.

Sometimes, being an artist in such trying times can feel pointless. It’s easy to think, “Gee, how can I make art when things feel so dark? How can I create in the thick of such hate? Is this how I should be spending my time? Perhaps I should choose a career that gives more tangible value? Is there a point to being an artist?”

Yes, there is a point. There’s always a point.

Make art.

Keep making art.

Especially when the darkness feels overwhelming. Especially when you feel alone. Especially when there feels like there’s no point.

Art is what reminds us of our humanity — it’s the invisible thread that has the uncanny ability to stitch us together.

Art is a vessel of joy.

Art is a tool for deeper thought.

Art is a spark for light.

You hold that light, and that is a gift that you should not squander.

The heartbeat of humanity beats with the desire to be heard, to be seen, and to be loved. And if your art does that even for just one person, that’s a pretty special reason to keep creating.

So keep writing your words, and put your paint to paper Keep filming and directing and making music and taking photos. Keep building sculptures and telling stories.

There’s always a point to creating.

The world is too small for you to buy into the narrative that your actions and your art, no matter how small, does not matter and cannot affect others.

They do.

They have.

They always will.

Now go — create.