Read This When Your Dreams Feel Impossible, And Then Make Them Happen


It is 7 am and you are already on your second cup of coffee. You find yourself wishing the bags under your young youthful eyes were money bags instead of dark circles. Although it is midterm week, you have a forty hour work schedule ahead and no time for this 10 minute break you know will only bring stress upon your day, because well, everything right now seems to bring stress.
You are overwhelmed and over worked.

But this is only temporary.

These sleepless nights and constant breakdowns in your office bathroom are not going to be your future. You see other people seemingly happy and struggle free but I promise you that everyone is struggling just as much, if not more than you. Your long 19 hour days and short 5 hour naps are only a mere sliver of your life and they will fly by before you know it.

Right now when you are building your life, there will be struggle.

Hell, there will always be struggle. This is what makes life worth living. The bad days make the good days better. Without the struggle and stress your success will never seem so grand and that payoff is beyond well worth the hard times. When you are finally able to grab that promotion, take hold of your hard earned diploma, or settle into your new home, you will be thankful for all the things that happened, both good and bad, to get you there.

I know there are days you want to give up. There are days you look in the mirror and wonder why you are putting yourself through this. There are even people who tell you to quit, but do not listen to them. You need to stay motivated, stay focused, and do not listen to the ones who tell you to take a step back and quit what you are striving for. They will tell you it is not possible. It is not possible to work full time and go to school full time. Or it is not possible to be a full time mother and hold down a day job. But it is.

Never let someone else’s impossibilities become your own. Make it possible.

Another thing, it is okay to cry. Let it all out, hell, scream and cry as much as you want. But do not stay there, do not bury yourself in this anger I know you feel from the overwhelming schedule you put yourself through daily.

You are not alone.

Always remember that you are doing this for a reason, and that reason is to better yourself, your family, and your future. This is not a race or a reason to brag. This is your life, and although right now it seems overwhelming and out of focus, it will eventually pay off and become brighter than you ever imagined possible.