Read This When You’re Questioning Whether You Want To Stay With Them Or Leave


Have you ever dated someone and thought to yourself, “Should I leave or should I stay?” This sucks because most of the time, we are extremely indecisive and make the incorrect decision. We stay too long in toxic relationships, or we give up too fast on an amazing person. After we do this, we are upset with ourselves because we wish we could have seen the future and made an accurate decision.

If you are confused with decisions as to stay or leave relationships, you are not alone. In my last relationship, I toyed with the idea of leaving for good, but I did not. I stayed way too long, and the relationship grew so toxic it eventually imploded. Also, I have dated girls knowing we did not see eye to eye on specific values.

Because of this, we ignored talking about those qualities because we knew our differences might beg the question, “Should we stay together or leave?”

Eventually, you must make a decision whether to stay with your partner or leave, so what will you do?

Should You Leave?

Leaving anything sucks especially when you are attached to it. Your brains have physically changed and rewired itself towards your partner making it more challenging to walk away.

Although there is some biochemistry to it, most people do not value themselves enough. Thus they place their value on their relationship. They struggle with self-esteem, and it can typically be traced back to a previous relationship where they were hurt.

These people decide that the pain of being in the relationship outweighs the pain they would experience as two separate individuals.

Most people beautifully justify why they should stay in messed up situations, and if you find yourself avoiding conversation topics and fighting more often than not, then it is time to leave.

Withdrawing from your partner never feels amazing, yet it will get better. You have to leave. Do it for yourself.

Should You Stay?

This is as simple as writing a pro’s and con’s list. If you go on a date, make a pro’s and con’s list of whether you should continue to see that person or not. It might seem ridiculous to break down qualities of a person and then make a decision, but this works because since we are emotional creatures, we must take out emotion and look at the situation objectively. By listing qualities of the person you enjoy and dislike, you can see the full picture.

If you are mad, it is easy to see everything wrong with your partner. Yet if you are happy, life can be perfect. Put a little logic into the situation so you can see what you truly love about your partner

There always comes a point early in the relationship where you ask yourself, “Should I stay or leave?”

Through indecision, we can make the wrong choice and stay in a toxic relationship too long or let go of an amazing person too soon. Will you leave this decision to fate and say “If we are meant to be, we will work out,” or will you decide for yourself and determine your own destiny?