Read This When You’re Tired Of Being You


Maybe you already deactivated your Facebook or Twitter account, because you are tired of watching everything happen around you. You are tired of scrolling and scrolling, while nothing happens to you. You don’t get any notifications to brighten up your day. You feel invisible.

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? You feel like you have no one beside you, when really, you have your true friends just one phone call away. You have your family you can hug anytime you feel down. You have your boyfriend whom you can vent to, but still, you feel as if the universe is never on your side.

One day you are extremely happy, tearing from the joy you feel inside your vulnerable heart. And then the next day you find yourself curled up in bed weeping, wondering where it all went wrong.

You are tired of hating yourself for showing too much emotion. You are tired of blaming yourself for caring too much, for allowing yourself to be more attached than you’re supposed to be.

You are tired of feeling like people are taking you for granted — like they only approach you when they need you — and you hate yourself for allowing them in your life. You are tired of worrying about your future — whether you’ll pass that final exam tomorrow or be successful later on in life. You are tired of dealing with your colleagues and your grumpy boss.

You are tired of expressing yourself, because people label you as a lame, overdramatic person without realizing that you’ve been depressed all of your life.

But when life decides to screw you over, let it be. Allow yourself to feel everything. Let the sadness, anger, frustration, and disappointment penetrate you. Because, only then, will you realize the important lessons life has to offer.

When you are exhausted, take a break, but never give up. There’s nothing wrong with disappearing for a little while, for taking all the time you need until you regain the strength required to face life again.

Stop depending on someone else to give you happiness, because you never know if they’re going to stay or leave. When you find that happiness within you, you will never be lonely again, because you know someone will always be there for you. Someone that loves you unconditionally, someone that totally accepts you, someone that makes you genuinely happy, someone that cares for you, someone that knows your worth and values you — and that someone is you